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Unlock the Secrets of

Crypto Wealth with the 1000x Trade Guide

Welcome to the exclusive launch of the '1000x Trade Guide' by Psycho Trading. With over a decade of deep immersion in the crypto market, including the creation of two crypto coins, we've distilled our expansive knowledge into this essential guide. Whether you're new to crypto or a seasoned trader, this guide is your key to uncovering the high-potential trades in the dynamic world of BRC20 and DRC20 ordinals. Get ready to transform your understanding of the market and discover investment opportunities that have the potential to skyrocket.

16 High-Potential Trades: More are coming!

Discover our handpicked selection of 16 trades with the potential to multiply your investment. At Psycho Trading, we don't just recommend these trades; we're actively invested in them. This section showcases each of these trades, along with live updates on the profits we're making, providing you with transparency and trust in our selections.

Key Features of the Section:

Curated List of 16 Trades:

  • Dive into our carefully chosen list of 16 trades. Each one is selected based on rigorous analysis and our deep understanding of the market dynamics.

We're Invested with You:

  • Transparency is key in trading. That's why we're sharing our own investment in these trades. We're in this together, navigating the ups and downs of the market.

Live Profit Updates:

  • Stay updated with how much profit each trade is currently making for us we update them regularly. These live updates give you a clear picture of the performance of our selections.

In-Depth Analysis:

  • Beside each trade, find an in-depth analysis explaining why we chose it and its potential for growth. This information is crucial for understanding the strategy behind each trade.

Success Tracking:

  • Track the success of our picks in real-time. This not only builds trust but also provides you with insights into the effectiveness of our strategies.

Join us on this journey of profitable trading. Subscribe now for exclusive access to our 16 high-potential trades and start tracking their success. Let's grow our investments together!

Best Value

1000x Crypto Trade Handbook (Monthly)



Every month

Unlock elite crypto trades and strategies for high ROI. Updated throughout the month. Cancel Anytime

Valid until canceled

Monthly updated list of high-potential BRC20 and DRC20 ordin

Exclusive insights and rationale behind each selected trade.

Regular market trend updates and future predictions.

Tips on risk management and portfolio diversification.

Direct support and Q&A opportunities with the expert.

Bonus content: Periodic deep dives into specific crypto segm

Exclusive trade notes for each trade

In the dynamic and often complex world of cryptocurrency trading, understanding the 'why' behind each trade can be as crucial as the trade itself. That's where our Expert Trade Notes come in – concise, insightful, and invaluable.

Unlock the Strategy Behind Every Trade:

  • Each trade note is a window into the expert thought process that goes into selecting a particular coin. From market trends to technological advancements, these notes cover it all.

Quick, Digestible Insights:

  • We know your time is valuable. That's why we've designed these notes to be quick and to the point, providing you with essential information in an easily digestible format.

Informed Decision-Making:

  • Armed with these insights, you're not just following recommendations; you're understanding them. This empowers you to make informed decisions that align with your investment goals.

Stay Ahead of the Curve:

  • In a market that moves as quickly as crypto, staying informed is key. Our trade notes keep you ahead of the curve, offering fresh perspectives on emerging opportunities.

Continuously Updated:

  • As the market evolves, so do our insights. We regularly update our trade notes to reflect the latest market conditions and opportunities.

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